Authors/ Editors can directly contact their respective commissioning Editors/ Project Managers for better understanding and clarification . It is advisable to send emails prior to making any calls as prior emails will give better understanding of queries and enable you official contact to resolve them much better.


S. No. Domain Contact Person Contact No. Email
1  Architecture Dr. Madhu          madhu@celnet.in
2 Biotechnology Ms. Isha    isha@celnet.in
3 Civil Dr. Meenakshi    meenakshi@celnet.in
4 Chemistry Dr. Mamta    mamta@celnet.in
5 Chemical Mrs. Shivani    shivani@celnet.in
6 Computers Ms. Sugandha    sugandha@celnet.in
7 Electronics & Telecommunication Mrs. Shambhavi    shamchavi@celnet.in
8 Electrical  Ms. Himani    himani.pandey@celnet.in
9 Energy Mrs. Gargi    gargi@celnet.in
10 Law Mrs. Deepali    deepali@celnet.in
11 Mechanical Eng. Suman    suman@celnet.in
12 Management Ms. Smaarika    smaarika@mbajournals.in
13 Medical Mrs. Gargi    gargi@celnet.in
14 Nursing Mrs. Rekha    rekha@celnet.in
15 Nanotechnology Ms. Monika   monika.editor@celnet.in
16 Pharmacy  Mrs. Gargi    gargi@celnet.in