Our team of copyeditor provides an accurate and efficient check of your manuscript. Our copyeditors will go through your manuscript carefully and methodically to spot errors or inconsistencies you have missed. We have different level of copyediting as the errors and inconsistencies in the manuscript.

Basic Copyediting
Our copyeditor will do mechanical editing of your manuscript for consistency. In the mechanical editing, our work includes correction and maintain consistencies of acronyms, capitalization, hyphenation, italicization, numbers and numerals, punctuation, quotations, spelling, page numbers, headers, and footers, additional elements, such as charts, tables, and figures, referencing style, and ordering of additional element.

Advance Copyediting
In this type of copyediting, in addition to all the task of basic copyediting, we will do grammatical corrections, stylistic corrections, tracking and querying the discrepancies in the manuscript, flagging ambiguous or incorrect statements, inconsistencies in facts, names, logic and any other details.

Premium Copyediting
In this type of copyediting, in addition to all the task of advanced copyediting, we will do content editing. The premium copyediting generally includes rewriting at the sentences and the paragraph level.


Our pricing for system for different types of copyediting services are:
Basic Copyediting: ₹…………………. per 1000 words.
Advance Copyediting: ₹…………………. per 1000 words.
Premium Copyediting: ₹…………………. per 1000 words.

The pricing is subjected to change with the amount work and deadline. We will agree on a price and deadline with you before we start work.